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ready for of the year Global Challenge賞 授賞

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クラウドファンディングのready for?でGlobal Challenge賞を受賞しました。187万円160名の方に支援を頂きまして1年が経過しこのような賞を貰えて光栄です。




【Won a prize of Global Challenge Awards for ready for of the year】
I sincerely appreciate our supporters during the whole year of 2014!

We won a prize of Global Challenge Awards for the cloud funding “ready for?”
We are honored to win this awards one year after we obtained contributive supports of 1.87 million Yen from 160 supporters.

During this one year, we had a variety of advancements such as official acknowledgement of NPO status, prize of business contest and launch of team project in Tanzania.

Supports from all of you enabled us to overcome difficulties before us.

We will further progress our NPO next year as well.
Thank you very much for your continuous supports and cooperations.

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