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TICAD Ⅵ ジャパンフェア展示終了、次はタンザニアへ!

English follows Japanese
無事二日間テロもなくAfriMedicoの出展が終わりました! OKIGUSURIを多くのアフリカの人びとに紹介でき、また出展している他の企業や団体の方々とも有意義な情報交換をさせていただきまして、大変実り多き二日間でした。

We have completed 2 days TICAD Ⅵ Japan fair event.
We are really pleased to be able to introduce”OKIGUSURI” to African people. It was also great opportunity to meet many people from entreprises and organization to share information. We appreciate your continuous support for us.
Now we are going to Tanzania to visit the village where our OKIGUSURI boxes are placed!
(Though we are waiting more than hour in the airport to enable our e-tickets which can’t be found for some reasons..This is Africa?)

アフリカ各国と日本の旗がはためく本会議上へのレッドカーペット African countries and Japanese flags.
このように置き薬の箱を展示しました。OKIGUSURI boxes display

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